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Emergency Preparedness

1) Emergency Preparedness Handbook

Dear Sleepy Hollow Staff and Parents,

This year, a top priority for Sleepy Hollow School and its parent community was to review and update its Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP). Through the efforts of a subcommittee that included parents Shauna Simmonds, Noel Twist, Dawn Davis, Carolyn Hopkin, Anita Elliot, Sara Nelson, high school student Alec Davis, and Moraga-Orinda Fire Department Emergency Preparedness Director Dennis Rein, the plan has been reviewed, revised, and approved by the Sleepy Hollow School Site Council (SSC). As teachers and parents read our revised Emergency Preparedness Plan, the most salient procedural revision is the “Shelter in Place” procedure” outlined for major emergencies and/or natural disasters. For the entire definition of “Shelter in Place” and how, in each particular natural disaster or emergency, Sleepy Hollow School would proceed, I suggest that you carefully read pages 12-16 of this revised EPP. F A short definition of “Shelter in Place” is:

“Sheltering students and school staff in place may become necessary in the event of a fast moving wildfire or other local disaster that causes public safety officials to evacuate Sleepy Hollow neighborhood and/or close roads in the area. The school is well equipped to support the temporary sheltering needs of students and faculty. School grounds are maintained so that they will provide a safe haven for students with their teachers should the school become “cut off” from the community. If the nature of the emergency and time permit, students will be released to their parents by the student release time as described in the post earthquake evacuation section.”

The Sleepy Hollow EEP subcommittee consulted the Moraga-Orinda Fire Chief, the Orinda Police Chief and the Moraga-Orinda Fire Emergency Preparedness Director when researching and approving the Shelter in Place revision. This decision represents the best thinking of the parent/staff subcommittee and the Sleepy Hollow SSC as we relied upon the experience and knowledge of the fire and police professionals whose job is to ensure and protect the public safety. As your principal, I realize that for many parents and staff, Shelter in Place may appear counter intuitive to our initial reaction to evacuate students and staff from the school in major natural disasters or emergencies; This revised Emergency Preparedness Plan was created with the help of Moraga-Orinda Fire Chief Randy Bradley, Orinda Police Chief Jeff Jennings, Moraga-Orinda Emergency Preparedness Director Dennis Rein, and myself and is steeped in the professional expertise and knowledge of the latest strategic planning models that track disaster protocols in our area, for our Shelter in Place revision.



Patsy Templeton


2) Parental Role in the Event of a Lockdown at Sleepy Hollow School

Please read this important communication for all Sleepy Hollow parents regarding the parental role in event of any lockdown or hostile intruder lockdown with law enforcement and other emergency and/or protective agency present on campus: Parental Role In the Event of Lockdown.pdf

3) What can you do to be better prepared?



  • Organize your neighborhood: Each of the Lamorinda communities has a volunteer Citizen Corps Council whose function is to help organize and prepare residents for emergencies. If you’d like help getting started organizing your neighborhood with anything from Neighborhood Watch to you Disaster Preparedness: